Something to die for?

A reshaping of how can live a more meaningful and intense life.

We all think of a martyr or dying for a cause as the most extreme thing. Especially in our comfortable western mindsets, where it’s hard to imagine one risking there lives for causes like those of the past. But in our comfortability, the ideas of willing to risk one's lives still speak volumes. As we see the ones who have seemed to most meaningful of lives have risked there lives for something. Whether we reference the fathers of the American revolution or the great Martin Luther King, when one is willing to die for something along comes the most meaning.

What do you mean Sacrifice

The term sacrifice in the context is best described as willing to give up comfortability or livelihood for a certain endpoint. It’s does not need to be used in intense terms like to live or to die. This definition can be used in as terms in daily life. Example your passionate about the idea of helping others live healthier lives so you want lead by example. To do this you sacrifice various amounts of delicious food to be this example for others. Now this a life or death situation but in the particular context is becomes something that is given up to reach an endpoint.

For values not vain

To think of sacrifice in a more efficient way we must stand in what in life we should sacrifice for. Simply put we strive to sacrifice for long term rather than fleeting experiences. Example to sacrifice ones life to simply become “famous” is fleeting, it doesn’t push toward a meaningful life. Fame is fleeting , just an experience in which one is recognized by many people. To reshape this we should think in these terms. Why does one want to become famous to do what? If you want to become famous to get rich, then that to is fleeting. To understand fully we need truly need to point to values behind, if one is willing to sacrifice everything to become of status whaat is the why that will drive you? Is it to create change in a specific area or create more wealth for your family to continue for more generations. Understanding the why behind your sacrifice make for it to be used as a tool to reach a more meaningful life.

The Reshapinng

It’s safe to say that to dying for something maybe a bit to intense even for myself as I write this. Reshaping this in terms of not life or death but in sacrifice makes this a bit more digestible. Understanding that when you as a person have something your willing to sacrifice for your life simultaneously becomes more meaningful. We see this in carefree adults who have children, who then once the baby is born use the words like “it’s like a switch flipped.”having something that you are willing to sacrifice for breeds more meaning in your life, whether it be your family,friends, or and idea.

Wasted Time

Understanding what one will sacrifice for provides a clearer path to a meaningful life. It aids us in a more efficient life and guides us from wandering down the lackluster paths. It becomes an intuitive feeling that pushes you towards your goals. Then it no longer becomes a sacrifice it just becomes a meaningful life, because one does feel the spoils of what they are missing out on. They become so intertwined with the goal met what else matters?

Think of it in terms of this there’s a person who is talented coder has the ability to make a lot of money. But he has this passion to become an artist. He finds coding unfulfilling in his worldview. The coder sacrifices all the future spoils and riches he could acquire to go become a painter. Others laugh at him and are confused that he sacrificed the money and notoriety. But he is unphased...he has found a more meaningful life through sacrifice.