Software and Fantasy

Software and Fantasy

Software is one of the few forces that can actually influence human consciousness.

Few things get me more excited than the potential of software in itself. From its design and actual build. To then understand how to craft a story around how this specific setup of 1's and 0's can change someone's life.

Software is deeper than we tend to think. It enables us to democratize shared social structures across the world. Where in the past many were limited by geography. For example, if there was one bank in town to use, that bank has a monopoly over that town. This is no longer true as someone with a smartphone is no longer a subject of monopoly, but is given greater freedom of choice.

The depth of software is revealed through this previous example. It is critical to our social metaphysics. It is one of the few mediums of creations that can provide a shared social layer. Through the various ways that software manifests itself. (Apps, websites, algorithms, etc.) In the same way that movies or media is in use as a point of leverage to push society in a direction to think a certain way. Software is a strong enough force that can push society to act in a certain way. A software's end goal is facilitated by the phone or computer.

These objects mediate our experience with the world today. Software is facilitated through these objects, it holds a strong position in pushing us towards certain actions. "Software" connects us to things; we otherwise would have had no idea existed. It brings our shared social fantasies to the real world. Think of Uber where it gives you the ability to connect with people who are willing to give you a ride in your area. In the past, this idea would have lived in the consciousness of groups of people. While the desire to get or give a ride from a stranger is not explicit. It is the job of software to uncover a group's hidden desires and bring their desires into the real world. (To clarify when I mention I am referencing the whole process from UX Design to development, to distribution.)

The power of software is underestimated. Yes, it is a great avenue to make money or build a good living. But its potential is metaphysical. In that, it can incentivize society to act in certain ways. It enables us to apply our abstract ideas to the real world. All our fantasies, and dreams can be brought into the real world. We see this in the process that software is developed. It's often finding a problem that society hadn't yet solved, and is a hidden desire. It is taking those people's hidden desires and bringing them into the real world.

What if we began to think more ambitious about software's place in the world? In creating healthier and shared social structures. Knowing that software is one of the few mediums that is strong enough to influence how people act. What if we took that seriously in the software we created?