Core Thesis : One needs more than agile strategy to excel in the modern economy.

The goal is to create a course that takes creatives and entrepreneurs, from ideation to distribution.

This is a great opportunity to introduce entrepreneurs and creatives to high-leverage value creation.

This will teach small businesses to build their workflows and most business operation through software. (ex - Enable a small business often do the work of 100-500)

Course Structure
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I think it is important to note the fundamental why, of this program. It is important that this is seen as, economic stimulation. Rather than simply a "technology school."This course strives to give people the tools to maximize the most value, of their ideas or small businesses.

Below are a few points to hit on that make this program intriguing. Specifically, speaking to value creation, and economic mobility.

Software as a export

Intellectual property and other intangible goods, have become on average the most valuable piece of companies today. While tangible goods are important, automation has severely limited the ability to build an economy solely on manufacturing. Example, things like cars and food. The manufacturing process can be automated in a way, where mostly what is needed is supervisors and manager to look over the robots.

While in the past cities would be cities known for different things. Detroit, for example, was known as a car manufacturer, and cars were their export.

Now in modern times software shifts to an export.

Let's follow this thought experiment. Let's take Lillian Glanton for example. Rather than focusing on a physical location. The focus should shift to, exporting the experience of the shoals songwriting experience.

Rich People make other People rich.


Course Structure

This course is best taught by students at the generator.

There are key aspects, that should not be compromised when this course is built out.


-Ability for students to self teach

-Build projects

-Ideation from conversation

Crash Course from Ideation to Distribution

Ideation- How to generate quality ideas more efficiently
Innovation EngineeringSmart-Start CourseSocratic MethodConversationEconomicsPhilosophyHigh Leverage
Sell - Understanding how to theories behinds creating a valuable social media
Social Media MarketingContent Exists foreverQuality content and BrandingContext Sells ProductsBizBuzz?
Research + Planning - Understanding what product you should build from your idea
Build - Understanding the basics of programming and how to bring the idea to life.
Bubble.IoAirtableZapierJavascriptHTML/CSSAPI'STheories of Web Development

The end goal is able to complete this thought experiment: CEO Comes in and says I want you to make us more productive.

8 Week Course

2 Weeks each section

One week research, One week application

Final Project Smart Start Sprint

4 Sections

Analysis and Ideation

Habits for clear thinking

Understanding how to analyze and think critically about projects and solutions.

Philosophy Value, and Economics

Research and Planning