The Lost Individual

The Lost Individual

What gave man meaning has disappeared.

Stability of meaning is based upon stable objects like religion, or community.

Finacne and industry have become captains of soul but are hollow and empty. Driven by other economic forces.

Even if acting selfishly is producing rewarding results to the collective, the fact that this is not the intent leaves the individual unsatisfied.

"The most marked trait of present life, economically speaking is insecurity"

Politics a once stable object of allegiance for individuals has been manipulated, and become something few can believe. Liberalism a once noteworthy ideology, has become more so a state of mind than an ideology. It looks forward and claims to be forward looking, but does not know what to look forward to.

Corporatism has dethatched the individual from past allegiances, this was true when Dewey wrote it and has only accelerated.

Religion may have its issues but it tends to be a stable way to find meaning. Otherwise as we today the loss of religion and tradition, will manifest in tradition that may not provide as much history and guide to life. Today we have the religion of narcissism manifested in things like astrology, and self-love as many people have disconnected from traditional religious communities.

Artistic and thinkers reflect and bring out the issues and illustrate the disconnection of modern life