The Construction of Good

Good and evil was once filtered through the church. The Church was seen as the ultimate being the person who constructs our morality.

Page 577 "The deepest problem of restoring integration and cooperation between man's beliefs about the world he lives and his beliefs about the values and purposes that should direct his conduct is the deepest problem of modern life."


"But informal belief, the old doctrine of the inherently disturbed and unworth character of the goods and standards of ordinary experience persists. This divergence between what men do and what they profess is closely connected with the confusions and conflicts of modern thought."

The idea of transcendence has been replaced by a more modern thoughts-"Enlightenment."

Enjoyed is a fact. Enjoyable is the now it is happening as we speak it is a possibility of becoming a fact.

To call an object a value signifies it has met and fulfilled certain conditions.

Example: You give an lamp the quality of being enjoyable. When you are done with it you have enjoyed it. Meaning it has fulfilled the certain conditions and values that you have given.

Enjoyable brings it into existence as a term, and enjoyed is stating a fact.

The Moral Implications: Understanding what you use to self actualize is important in the way you reach your end.

For example how you reach the state of enjoyed is important as the means you use to reach that end are important.

Example you can reach the state of enjoyed.

But if you murder people to reach that state isn't a proper, means to reach the end