Micah Johnson

Micah Johnson

Hey I'm Micah Johnson. A curious young individual learning how to move through the world day by day. I'm a No-Code Developer, Designer, Philosopher and Entrepreneur. Anything on this is a work in progress, these are thoughts that one is still thinking about.

Feel free to reach out if you want to connect.

Below is my blog, notes, and other interesting things I may be working on.


Software and Fantasy
No-Code Tools and My Vision for a New Type of Tech Company.
If You Can't Answer These Questions, Drop Out of College.
Something to die for?
Designing My Own Education : Becoming a Creative Architect
New Forms of Mastery
Visual AI: Labeling Youtube Data

Stream of Consciousness

A collection of short ideas and tweets, simple but profound.

Other Interesting Things

Learning Resources
Learning Resources
Philosophy Reading Notes
No-Code Projects


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